Saturday, May 05, 2012

Revisit: Sister weekend

 California in March: perfect time for a sisters weekend. We celebrated Lindsey's birthday with an amazingly delicious coconut cake made by mom. It was also Hunger Games opening day so we had fun at the movie theater -- after a morning of mani/pedis.
 A weekend highlight was the 5 Favorite Things giveaways. I had so much fun playing Oprah on a very small scale. I wrapped my things in a tea towel from Target.
 1. Bottle cap magnets with Hunger Games theme. Because it is the favorite movie of the moment. But a magnet needs some refrigerator art to go with it so I printed off some inspirational quotes from Pintrest for the pile of goodies.
2. Peanut M&Ms because they are my favorite. If I buy candy at the checkout, I choose these.
3. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer: My favorite lip balm/gloss.
4. Suburban Tracks: a CD of the songs the kids and I have listened to a lot during the past few months.
5. The Penderwicks: my new favorite book. I love this story, kind of a modern Little Women. I read it, then I read it to my girls, then we read the next two books in the series, then we read this one again. I've loved it every time.
 Here's Laura presenting her 5 Favorites. She was the mastermind behind the idea and we all loved this part of the weekend.
 Here's Larky, ready to go shopping. Isn't she as skinny as a minute and oh-so-cute? Purple shoes, red bag, blue leather jacket, skinny jeans -- such a classy girl, my little sis.
Loved this bike outside of Anthropologie. It was delightful to wander stores together. Funny thing, Laura was trying on clothes at White House Black Market. There were more salespeople than customers in the store, like 7 employees walking around in this very small space. At one time I think 4 of them were hovering around the dressing area, and we were also there, saying thumbs up or down for Laura's ensembles, so it was like Laura had this huge entourage. She was quite the star.

California in March is so lovely. It was a great weekend.


mindy said...

Sounds like a great trip. I love the Favorite things idea. How fun to go home with all the free swag.
I think it is time for a trip to IKEA? You in?

Torrie said...

Ahh, wish I had sisters to do this with. Maybe one day my girls will do a sisters weekend. Glad you had a fun time and I love the 5 favorite things idea!