Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day of school! In May?

 Last day of school on the last day of May? Massimo wouldn't cooperate even though he has recently learned to say "cheese" when pictures are taken. First day pictures here. (I couldn't find the picture on my computer.)
 The boys wouldn't stand next to each other because they were fighting all morning. And the entire evening before. The girls are wearing dresses I found on the clearance rack at Target yesterday. I took the little kids to Target to get out of the house for a while. Eric was home in bed with a bad flu so we tried to give him some quiet time.
 Here I am, annoyed look on my face from the chaos of the morning. And I know that Massi is "too old" for bottles but he loves them and I'll worry about taking them away from him later. Sometimes a bottle is just what he needs to stop crying and just what I need him to have so I can make dinner.
The last walk to this bus stop. 

Next adventure -- moving to Kaysville next week. And hopefully we'll keep the kids at this school for longer than a year. 


Kim said...

How cool that you guys are moving. Have you guys bought a house? I have some relatives in Kaysville. They live by freeway 15.

Shannon said...

I love it - fighting boys and all! Some day, they will look back at this picture and laugh together. Good luck with your move!

Brooke said...

Hi Paige.
It's "LFP Brooke" :) again.
I may be bugging you, but I'll take the chance.
I'm in Fruit Heights (west of HWY 89); so technically Kaysville.
I would really love to do anything I can to help you out, since you are going to be so close.
If you need help moving in; I can send Nick over to help.
If you need help figuring out the area I can help with that too.
And if you just need a fellow Mommy friend- I'm your girl!

Not to mention... There are two houses in my ward for sale right now :)

Please email me. I am ready to assist.