Friday, May 11, 2012

Hand foot mouth

Massi has had a hard week getting through Hand Foot Mouth virus. I'd never heard of it before moving to Utah. The nurse said it is rampant in our county right now. I guess a place teeming with kids is teeming with viruses too. There's nothing the dr can do about it, kind of like chicken pox. Lots of ibuprofen and tlc and tv have helped around here.

Ridge had a very mild case of this in the fall. Massi's is so bad I thought it was chicken pox. He had a high fever for one day. Now he's finally getting back to normal but he doesn't want to wear shoes or socks, his poor feet, and he's still not eating well so his mouth is healing also. We've taken to calling him "spot" because he is so covered with red spots of varying sizes. Some blistered, some didn't.

If I don't catch this it will be a miracle.

And there's your medical moment for the day.

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Shannon said...

I will pray fervently that it doesn't go through your whole house - sore, itchy spots are NOT fun!

Kim said...

Poor Massi. I hope he gets better soon and that the rest of your family doesn't catch this.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Poor little guy! Lydia just got over Roseola which sounds a little similar only it normally effects most kids before they're 2.