Thursday, May 31, 2012

Courthouse Reunion

Not the kind of courthouse you might have pictured. We spent last weekend at the Sommer family reunion in Junction, Utah. Never heard of it? Neither had we but it was so much fun. We stayed in the Courthouse -- really! The owners renovated it to accommodate family reunions but kept it feeling like an old courthouse, they even left the judge's seat up in the courtroom-turned-great room. The boys slept in a room called "The Vault" which really was an old vault, the door isn't lockable anymore though, and it is now filled with bunk beds. There were vaults in three other rooms, one used as a linen closet now. When we walked in I kept saying, "this is so cool!" The old wooden floors creaked, the stairway felt grand, the library has one of those tall ladders like in Beauty and the Beast, one bathroom has a claw-foot tub. It was a great place to claim ownership to for a weekend. I'd like to go again.

We hiked, rode motorcycles, rode the bicycle built for two, talked and played. When we went to the park my nephew ran to the merry-go-round and exclaimed "I've always wanted to go on one of these!" Can you believe he is 10 years old and had never seen one in real life or been on one?

Go to Nellie's blog to see her photos -- she has a really nice camera and even better camera skills. And to see a really great picture of me, Massi, Kent and Win -- the family resemblance thing is quite apparent.


Kim said...

Paige, what a neat and fun experience. I'm sure your family will never forget this.

I am such a big fan of historic buildings and I think staying in a place like this, would be so much fun.

mindy said...

Wow, Win and Massi look like twins!
Looks like a fun family reunion especially the lodging. Glad you had such a great time.

Shannon said...

What a fun spot for a reunion! And I think merry-go-rounds are considered unsafe now... like riding in the back of a station wagon instead of safely fastened into a booster seat! ;)