Friday, March 02, 2012

Gun noises

How quickly he learned. I didn't teach him, obviously. He has big brothers and a playful daddy to show him how it's done. Over Christmas the boys in the house became obsessive of Nerf guns, they all spent their gift money on them, including Eric, and now we have a huge collection of them. Massimo just wants to be part of the fun.
(And doesn't he look the part in his camo jammies with a head wound? Story on that -- yesterday he fell off an end table and smacked his head on an edge of the exercise machine. I thought it needed a couple stitches but the retired dr in our ward at church told me they'd probably put steri strips on it since stitches would be hard to manage on a squirmy little child. So we put a couple of butterfly bandages on it. I hope we haven't scarred him too badly. Ridge said it would be really cool if Massimo ended up with a scar on his forehead because one of his friends has two scars on his forehead and Ridge thinks that's the coolest thing.)


Shannon said...

My boys are always telling me "chicks dig scars." And I swear, they are born loving guns - Paul used to bite his chicken nuggets into a gun shape and shoot with them!

Angie said...

Hahaha, I love his sound effects!

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