Thursday, March 08, 2012

5th grader stuff

Ridge's last basketball game happened over the weekend. Once again their team lost. They didn't win a single game. Their faces were so happy when they started out well, scoring twice before the other team scored. But that was the end of the winning. Not a good feeling to loose every game but a good life lesson and fun times with friends.

Today Ridge left for the 5th grade overnighter. The boys and girls go to camp Clearcreek on separate days. Ridge was excited to go and I barely got him to pause and glance at me for this quick snapshot. I'm glad that he was happy to be going on the little adventure with the other boys. I thought today about his first day of kindergarten and how hard it was for him to get on the bus and go to school and how hard it was for me to watch his brave little face, trying as hard as he could not to cry, waving at me from the window. And now he's a big kid, off and running. Today I'm glad about his progress in life.

And one more thing about the life of this 5th grader, a girl has had a crush on him for a while. She often walks by our house to see if he's outside. Last week the boys were eating beef jerky out on the lawn and working on scout stuff. I asked where the jerky came from and Ridge replied that the girl had brought it over. The story goes that the girl had some at recess and Ridge asked for some and she said she'd bring him some after school. And to the boys' delight, she did. Ridge has been so kind as to throw pink chalk at this girl when she's walked by. I guess she hates everything pink (she has a twin who adores the color) so Ridge thought it would be funny to throw pink at her. Luckily he missed but she still screamed. ( I happened to be in the girls' room which overlooks the front yard, when this episode happened.) And so it begins.
Ridge and Eric have played a lot of Scrabble lately. The other night they used all of the pieces and made legitimate words. Ridge thought he had lost for sure but he won and he was quite pleased about that.

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Shannon said...

Isn't it amazing to see kids grow and overcome their fears? I have to admit, I wouldn't mind if they stayed afraid of girls until after their missions... ;)
Congratulations to Ridge on the scrabble win. It is a big occasion in our household when someone beats Dad at scrabble!