Sunday, February 26, 2012

basketball season

Yesterday Eric and I took the boys and some of their friends from their basketball teams to the last BYU home game of the season. (Thanks Grandma B for the tickets!) It was crazy fun being at the game with 7 boys ages 11 to 8. They were like a pack of monkeys hooting and hollering all the way from the car to the court and back. BYU won and the best part was that during halftime Jimmer made a surprise appearance -- go Jimmer! He reminded everyone to vote for the BYU coach at ESPN charity challenge and then he read the names of the graduating cheerleaders, his fiancee included, who each were presented with a bouquet of flowers.

Highlights for me were listening to the jeers and cheers of the student section. It was hilarious when guys from the other team fouled out and the students would chant "left right left right" in perfect time with the footsteps of the player leaving the court and they didn't stop until he sat down on the bench again then they'd cheer. Then there was a poor guy, number 35, on the other team, who airballed early in the first half and every time he touched the ball after that during the rest of the game the students chanted "air ball." It was funny but poor kid.

Cannon's last game of the season was on Tuesday. He improved a lot and had a fun experience. My pep talk before the games was always something like, "remember to stick your arms up and get those rebounds." He was usually at least a head taller than all the other boys out there so if he just got his hands up he could at least touch the ball. Grabbing onto it was another concept. Next season. 

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Shannon said...

You are SO brave - that's a lot of boys to keep track of! Being the tallest kid on the floor definitely has it's advantages. Paul would love that ;)