Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sommer's girls

Sommer's blanket is fleece and has knots tied all around the edges. Certain knots have become very special to her and she calls them her "girls." Sometimes when she is on her own with her blanket, or sitting in the car with it, she'll play with the knots like they are toys, giving them voices and acting out whatever drama knot girls go through. She loves her blanket.

Thankfully, she's not dependent on it all the time and doesn't mind leaving it home for school, church or errands. Some days though, she carries it around all the time, like a friend she wants close by. Last night she came in my room around 2am and whispered in a sleepy voice filled with worry, "mom, I can't find my girls." I helped her turn her blanket around a few times so she could find the right knots to hold onto, knots that are smoothed out and not curled up on themselves and they are stretched longer from being held so often, and then she happily went back to sleep.


Shannon said...

Perhaps I am just hormonal, but this post is so touching. Sometimes we all need our girls, whoever they may be.

nellziebub said...

So sweet.

Angie said...

I love this story.