Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life right now

Things I'll forget if I don't write them down. Just journaling.
At pack meeting this week I let Massimo follow the girls down the church hallway. They didn't pay any attention to him and he was soon wandering on his own. About 10 minutes later I went to look for him, pretty sure of where I'd find him. I called his name and he came running out of the mens restroom, one arm wet up to his elbow, quite proud of himself.

When we were getting the mail yesterday I stopped to talk to a neighbor. Massi wandered over to a pot and raked his fingers through the dirt. Then he sampled the dirt and came over to us, dirt smeared all over his face and mouth. My neighbor looked and him and asked, "did you eat dirt?" He promptly turned to me and started crying with embarassment.

Thursdays are Cannon's hardest day of the week. Without fail he has at least one screaming fit every Thursday. At least I know to expect it.

Tuesday morning I sent three very unhappy kids off to school. I felt bad because I don't remember feeling that way. I know I had my days but all three of them in a bad mood was hard. Laine isn't a morning person and takes a while to get going. The boys want to be out the door for the bus at 8:37 even though the bus comes at 8:52 and it only takes a couple of minutes to walk to the bus stop. The rest of the week went better because we worked out a compromise. If the boys make fun of Laine or give her a hard time at breakfast then they have to wait for her no matter how long she takes. If all is calm then Laine needs to be ready by 8:40 or the boys can leave without her.

I made served butternut squash with dinner one night, sauteed in butter and sprinkled with brown sugar. My kids all could have earned Oscars for their reactions to the vegetable, which they have had purreed in soup but never in solid form. Too bad I was the only adult there to witness their performances; Eric worked late that night. Cannon was the bravest and finally ate his token few pieces and delared that it tasted like potatoes and carrots. Ridge managed to eat his but choked and nearly gagged up all his dinner. Sommer ate hers and said it tasted good. Laine had to be timed in order to finish her dinner, all while being very dramatic about how it might kill her. By the end of dinner I was doing mock meditation to keep my sanity and to keep my temper. Massimo sat in his chair for a very long time so I could supervise all the eating.

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Shannon said...

You are wise to journal these day-to-day happenings; I wish I had started blogging when my kids were little so that I could remember all of their shenanigans. And YOU get an Oscar for serving butternut squash - I never had the patience to argue, so we had the same boring vegetables over and over. Needless to say, I only have one vegetable eater.