Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Tonight I am thankful for this sweet girl. I was in mean mommy mode, not patient with Sommer when she started whining when it was time to get ready for bed. She wasn't complaining about going to bed, just the order of things. She wanted stories first, then put on jammies and brush teeth. But she was wearing a leotard and we always do bedtime in that order so I wasn't giving in. And then she suddenly couldn't muster the strength to get up the stairs. It didn't help her calm down that I gave her to the count of 5 to get up the stairs or she'd miss stories all-together.

I left the room and came back a couple minutes later to Sommer feeling happier. Laine helped her to stop crying by being sweet and nurturing and promising to read her 5 stories. This trumped mom because I only read 2. I read Laine's books then they happily kissed me goodnight so they could sit on Laine's bed and read together.