Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Birthday Boys

During the week of Chirstmas I kept thinking, "last year at this time I was still pregnant." It seems so far away now, but then I think back to labor and it is not far enough. :)

Last week Massimo turned 1! and Eric caught up to me and turned 36. We celebrated Massi by giving him one present, an Elmo doll that sings about colors. I just realized that we didn't let him blow out a candle. I did make cupcakes that Massi loved. I had to hide them so he couldn't see them and demand another one.

Massimo yanks me around all day. He pulls my pant leg or reaches for my hand and pulls me along to where he wants to go, usually to the front door so he can go outside. He really is a little puppy. I think I said before that little kids pet his head, just like they would to a cute animal. Massi says ball, all done, dada and he yells something that sounds like mom when he wakes up from his nap. He says doggie and can make a dog sound and an elephant sound. He loves to eat Buddy Fruits (purreed fruit that he sucks out of the pouch), yogurt, especially in the gogurt form, Pirates Booty, string cheese and most any type of treat. Spaghetti is about the only food he lets me feed him, he loves that too.

He loves to go on the slides at parks. He used to go backwards gained more courage and skills this week and now tries to sit and slide on the shorter ones. He also has figured out that his little legs can walk backward and he'll sometimes practice, taking careful steps behind him, especially to the bottom stair where he likes to sit. He loves to eat a snack bite and run away from the kitchen, returning when his mouth is empty. His favorite Star Wars character is Chewbaka, which we learned because he has a Star Wars board book and he always wants to look at that page. He is intrigued by Yoda too. Princess Leah is his least favorite so he turns that page really fast.

We love our Massimo!

And Eric too. For his birthday I didn't have any good gifts. It was really pathetic. I did have all the Christmas decor down in time for the birthdays though. Does that count as a gift? Not really. We went swimming at a fun indoor pool on Eric's birthday. Cousins, a couple of his siblings joined in the fun and then we had birthday lunch at Arby's where his mom met us with more presents and birthday brownies so that made the day more special.

Ridge and Cannon gave Eric a Nerf gun. A new family game was invented over Christmas break using Nerf guns and shields made of whatever household thing the kids could find. They had a lot of fun with that.

We did get to have an overnight alone early in the week. Being together as Eric and Paige was a great present, thanks to his parents for taking the kids. We were able to go out to dinner and a movie. Then the next day he had his interview that led to his new job. That's probably the best present of all and he gave that to himself. What a great man. I'm so lucky he's mine.

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Shannon said...

New Job? In Utah? With you? That is AWESOME!

Happy Birthday to your boys, too. :)