Thursday, January 26, 2012

7! Laine's big day

Laine's birthday was happy from morning till night. She started off the day by opening presents from her siblings. They gave her La La Loopsy toys. Then she ate breakfast in bed and played with Sommer until it was time to get dressed in her new clothes. We went shopping on Saturday and she happily picked out a special new outfit, love the skirt. She brought cookies to share with her class. They sang happy birthday to her twice, once in class and once at lunch.
In the afternoon she played with her new toys then we headed to Mimi's Cafe for dinner. Grandma and grandpa Blaser met us there to help us celebrate.

Laine opened her presents from mom and dad -- an American Girl doll named McKenna, the 2012 girl of the year. She was thrilled.

Little back story: American Girl makes a girl of the year that is only available for one year. The 2010 girl was named Laney , had blond hair and green eyes. Could there have been a more perfect doll for my child? At the end of 2010 I was kind of busy having a new baby. Babies are also kind of expensive so I let the chance to buy the remarkably similar-to-my-child-doll slip by. (She can be found on eBay now for more.) We got her an Our Generation doll instead, Target's knock-off brand of American Girl. She was happy with it and so sweet about having an American Girl Cousin, as we called it, but I regretted not getting her that doll.
 This year's girl is "from" Seattle and is also remarkably similar to my child so this year she got the real deal. It was actually probably a better year for this kind of big ticket gift because she really appreciates it. She exclaimed, "the girl of the year!" when she opened it. And as we were driving home she let out a scream of joy that she had been holding in since opening her doll. It is really fun to give her presents. She is a joyful and thankful and thoughtful receiver of gifts.
 Laine: our girl of the year with her girl of that year. Happy 7th!


Shannon said...

That sounds like a perfect day - Happy Birthday, Laine!

Alexis said...

I love American Girl dolls. I keep watching Kit Kiteridge, the depression era doll, because she is most like my girl. If they ever announce she is being discontinued before Greta reaches 7 or 8, I need to be sure to get her!

Angie said...

Laine really does get so genuinely excited, she is such a sweet girl! I can't believe how fast she's growing up! Happy B-day Laine!