Sunday, December 25, 2011

We got it right: Christmas 2011

After Cannon finished his excitement about this gift he said, "my head hurts" and we sent him to get a drink of water. He was so excited about his presents this year. In fact, everyone was happy with their gifts. Somehow, we got it right for everybody. I know this probably won't happen again for our entire lives. I think part of the happiness was because of Cannon. He was so pleased and so grateful and so excited for everything that it made for a very happy Christmas.

Everyone was up early and at 7am we let them come into the living room but they could only "open" stockings before church. Santa loaded the stockings though so they had a happy hour before breakfast and getting ready time.

I played my cello with Away in a Manger during our sacrament meeting, the first time I've played in public in years. It went well enough. I love playing while people sing.

After church the kids put their pjs back on and we opened gifts. I loved having church break up the morning and set the tone for our Christmas day.

I hope your day was merry.


mindy said...

I love that picture of Cannon. That is the kind of reaction I dream about getting out of my kids.
Glad you guys had such a great Christmas. Also glad to hear you got to play your cello for others again.

Lark said...

So glad everyone was happy with their gifts!
I'm glad the song went well - I was wondering how it went.

Shannon said...

This picture is awesome - I can hear his yell of excitement echoing! I agree, it was wonderful having church in the midst of all of the unwrapping. I wish we could have it every year!

Angie said...

I love this picture. I'm glad you all enjoyed your Christmas.