Friday, December 02, 2011

Thanksgiving '11

We took an entire week off for Thanksgiving this year. Eric flew down the weekend before and we all drove to California together. We stopped in Claremont and went to church with my parents. So nice to see all the Claremont II ward families who are still there. Then we went to San Diego to visit my brother and his family. They got us into Legoland for a steal.
The kids all had fun. Legoland is a perfect amusement park for our oldest three and they were at a great age to enjoy it. We split into two groups so the bigs could enjoy the big rides. Sommer had fun too and enjoyed what she could go on and was happy to be there. It was crowded but not unbearably and everyone had a great time running around with cousins.
 Tuesday we went to the beach. Massimo had fun playing in the sand and water in the sandcastle moat. Sommer wore her bathing suit even though it was in the 60s. I guess she felt like we were back at a Seattle beach. She was happy until she fell in the water then Eric wrapped her up in a towel and tucked her under his sweatshirt to warm up.
I loved being in Claremont for Thanksgiving, the holiday that still brings homesickness to my heart. The weather didn't disappoint, it was just as warm and California-sunny as I wanted it to be. My parents put on a delicious and fun Thanksgiving dinner for a big crowd complete with a pre-dinner quiz, after-dinner joke contest and a pie contest (which Cannon won). It was a lovely day.
We drove home early enough to have time to put up the tree before Eric left for Seattle. Aunt Barb let us use her fake tree, a first for our family. The kids didn't miss taking a ferry ride and the tromp around the treefarm to find the perfect tree, they were just excited to get all the Christmas mess out. I missed it though. I'm not sure what we'll do next year. Having a pre-lit tree all ready to go is really easy and a lot less messy. I might be converted. And there isn't a ferry nearby anyway.


Kim said...

What fun pictures! I'm glad you guys had a great thanksgiving at Legoland. I've never been there, but it looks like a lot of fun.

I just realized that Massi will be 1 years old this month. That's crazy. He looks like a lot of fun to have in your family. I hope he has a good birthday this year.

Shannon said...

I am so glad that you were able to visit family for Thanksgiving, and especially that Eric was able to spend the whole week with you guys! The first year we moved to Chelan, Kurt stayed in Seattle from Sunday night until Thursday night every week. We did a church history trip in the Spring, and having him with us the entire time was the best part of the vacation.

As for the tree, I am totally converted to fake. You can put it up/ take it down when ever you want (no waiting for it to drip-dry in the garage), there are no needles to vacuum and no eight-legged friends hitching rides into the house. The only thing I miss is the smell, and Bath & Body Works has the cure: Slatkin & Co. Evergreen scented candle. Just take the lid off - you don't even have to light it - and the room smells lovely.

Sorry, I've written a book. :)

Lark said...

What park is that? I have been sitting here for the last 5 mintues trying to figure it out...Cahuilla?

Congrats to Cannon for winning the contest! Wish we had been there - sounds like it was a great week.