Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time doesn't change in babyland

4:30 rolls around and Massimo reminds me that a few weeks ago it used to be 5:30 and dinnertime, by following me around crying. Not helpful when I'm trying to make dinner. Sometimes I can give him a bottle and pass him downstairs to the big boys but that usually doesn't last long. The big boys are not very helpful when he gets fussy and usually Cannon will bring him upstairs, place him a few feet into the kitchen and then he closes the door to the basement stairs so Massi can't climb back down later.

So Massi "helps" me make dinner sometimes. He gets busy and happy for a few minutes when I put him on the counter by me. Today he picked up a tomato and nibbled it a few times. He puckered up and then kind of laughed about the flavor a couple of times but by time number three, captured in the photo below, he was done with that thing and tossed it.

Tonight he grabbed a wooden spoon copied me as I mashed the filling together for our taquitos. They learn so quickly. It was cute but messy and I quickly tried to divert his attention. He kept trying to stir and flipped meat all over the place. But he stayed happy.

He loves to play in the fridge though of course I don't let him do this for long. He likes to pull yogurts out and wander around with them. Laine found one on the stairs the other day. He is still trying to figure out how to get to the apples. He likes to eat them and throw them so I haven't shown him how to open the drawer yet.

Once he's eaten he is back to his chipper self. I do try to feed him earlier some days and he sits in the high chair while I finish up with things but some days this just makes the crying worse so we've figured out "helping" helps.

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Shannon said...

You are so patient! Really, if we were catholic, I think you would stand a very good chance of being sainted. ;)