Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Life: an update

First, a few funny things. So those of you who don't want to read farther along can stop after that because I'm probably going to ramble.

Last week we went to the Living Legends performance at a local high school. (Eric's dad got us in free, one of his work perks.) Afterward, we went to the local Macey's grocery store for ice cream twist cones. Big servings for cheap.

The Christmas decorations were already up. We sat by a fake fireplace with an almost life-size Santa doll next to it. I quoted the Night Before Christmas poem, "His eyes how they twinkled, His dimples how merry."

Cannon: "What are dimples again?"
Sommer: "I think she meant nipples."

And a new family joke was born.

Maybe this next one isn't really funny but I'm sharing anyway.

One of my children came to me and said, "I'm sorry but I clogged your toilet. My poop won't flush down." Sure enough. I didn't get to the unclogging until after the bedtime routine. I got the plunger and went to work. I was not happy to be doing this task. I complained loudly to myself the entire time, something about the unfairness and grossness of it all, and I gagged once. But I got it unplugged and then had to clean it.

More gross than funny I guess.

And now I'm going to start rambling so you may stop reading if you wish.

Why didn't I get Eric to unclog the toilet? Because Eric was in Seattle. I don't think I've properly documented that part of our life. He still works for the same company and is in Seattle during the week. He tries to get home most weekends. Seems like it has been two weekends here, one there over the past three months that we've been in Utah. When he comes back, he arrives on the late Friday night flight, usually, and then departs early Monday morning so he's back by 8am to start his work week.

I'd say that we're fairly accustomed to having him gone during the week, when it is just one week. But when he is gone for two I am not the best mom. In fact, far from best, close to worst. Last week, Tuesday, after a weekend without Eric coming home, I fairly lost it, temper temper. My patience seems to last until 9:30pm and then I'm just done. At least I threw the laundry basket instead of a child. And the kids should be asleep by then but these days bedtime keeps getting later. I need to work on pushing it back earlier.

Ridge is never asleep early though. He usually makes an appearance in my room around 10:30 to tell me he can't sleep. A few nights a week, usually Sunday plus one other day, he can't sleep till after 11:30. This doesn't help things when I'm playing single parent.

Cannon came up last night, just as I was going to get in the shower (it was a long shower night) to tell me that he couldn't sleep because he really needed a dog. I tried to comfort him about this, told him that dad and I were just talking about this earlier in the week, and then told him to grab his dog stuffed animal and go back to bed. After I got out of the shower I heard a tap on the door. He was still awake, still couldn't sleep. So I told him to pull the mattress out from under my bed (there are two twin ones there, the lighter IKEA kind) and go to sleep in my room.

If it isn't one child, it's another. 

Those mattresses have come in handy. When we first moved, the boys were often scared in their room and Ridge was worried more often, so we were pulling out the makeshift beds quite a bit. The boys sleep in the basement room, two floors away from the rest of us. Ridge would end up in my room many nights and then Cannon would wake up at 2am to find out that he was alone in the basement and come up the stairs crying about being scared, so we'd pull the other bed out. Finally we started waking Cannon up when Ridge made the move to my room. Cannon was much happier about that and then we all could get more sleep. At least then my sleep was only interrupted by the baby.

A few times Cannon wouldn't wake up when we tried to rouse him and then in the morning he'd stomp up the stairs, mad that he was alone. Ridge seems determined to sleep in his own bed now, Cannon would gladly camp out every night in my room if I let him.

Sommer has had a few nights on my floor. Laine tends to wake up around 4am when she'll come in and tell me she's afraid and I tell her to get in bed by me and go back to sleep. I'm not sure how long it takes her but at least it keeps her from waking me again, which she does if I send her back to her own bed.

Ridge and Cannon went trick-or-treating on their own this year. They didn't want to be slowed down by a mom pulling a wagon and slow girls. They finished an hour before we did and got more candy, of course. Sometimes they are great buddies. Sometimes they are not.

Sommer got tired halfway through the night and sat in the wagon with Massimo. Laine then started to ask at each house "Can I have another candy for my sister? She's over there in the wagon." And then she'd run back throw the extra candy, "here Sommer," and run to the next house with her friend. When she forgot to ask she'd take a candy from her bag and give it to Sommer. She's such a sweet girl. But she still doesn't eat.

Though last night I made black bean soup from Our Best Bites. So delicious! And not completely repulsive to any of the children so I was able to get Laine to eat more of something nutritious. Dinner on our own is generally chaotic and I'm often not motivated to cook but I do it anyway, always keeping in mind that I'm feeding five children so what sounds delicious to me will often not sound delicious to them. So far, I am not raising any celbrity chefs.

And now Massimo is awake from his nap. He is in that transition time between one and two naps a day. He's also getting four more teeth. He's also walking, trying to run when the kids chase him and he thinks he is big enough to step down one step on his own which results in an immediate face plant but he keeps trying. And if you've read all this you must really like me. Thanks. I like you too.


mindy said...

I read it all and it made me want a nap. I am sure you would like one as well. This post also made me smile. So big, in fact, that you could see my nipples. You are a champ Paige Blaser and your kids are so lucky to have an amazing mother like you. You are doing the best you can in a difficult situation and I am sure they see that. I wish we lived closer because I would happily come over and help with clogged toilets late at night cause I love you that much.

Shannon said...

Bless you, Paige. I wish I could come to your house and hang out with your kids so you could go get a pedicure... or maybe just an uninterrupted shower or nap!

Brilliant move, putting the extra mattresses on the floor. I wish I would have known about that when I was not sleeping for six years, plus a week here or there during the night terror years.

And thanks for the laughs, I am NEVER going to be able to look at a Santa Claus the same again...

Hang in there - this, too, will pass - and I know Heavenly Father appreciates what you are doing so very much!

Satoko said...

"His nipples how merry." that's so awesome.
It made me laugh! I read the whole thing, smiling. You have such awesome kids, yes, they are super troublesome and annoying most of the time... but you are such a super mom, and you can handle them. I just wanna hug you!! (I feel like I am the worst mama around everyday, by the way. I must be the mom thing.) I didn't realize that Eric is away from home so much. You are such a trooper.
Being a mom is so hard...but we are changing the world, building mountains. yes, we are!!

Pamela said...

Reading the three previous comments, I see how loved you are and how your blog post touches those who are, or have been, mommies to little souls.

It truly is a burden at times---but one that can and will pass. You do such a great job. Your kids are amazing and you are a wonderful mom to them.

I won't tell you that these years are the easy ones so hang on to every second. Every family is different and the only constant is the love there. Hang in there sweetie. And it's ok to feel cranky sometimes. Being a single parent to five kids for a long time isn't much fun.

shanonsmiles said...

Dad and I laughed so hard. And, by the way, no matter what is going on or how you feel on any given day, you are doing a magnificent job.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I'm pretty sure I'd lose my marbles if I had to play the single parent. I'm home most of the day and when Mike walks in I feel like I've accomplished almost nothing. It's like, "Great, he's home, now I can get a few things done."

I'll e-mail you a baked penne dish that's easy. I don't have your address so e-mail me @

You may ramble anytime. I guarantee I'll enjoy it.

Angie said...

Yes, I really like you Paige :) I always read your blog- even more so now that I don't get to see you all the time. I wish I could do something to help. You make me feel ridiculous for stressing out about my life, I don't know how you do it! Just remember, it won't last forever. You are far from the worst mom ever, and more like a SUPER MOM!

We love you, and we love your crazy kids who always make us laugh. Thanks for all of the stories- keep 'em comin!

Paige said...

Thank you friends.
I think the biggest blessing right now is that my kids are still young enough and sweet enough to forgive me.
I appreciate your comments and the love I felt because of them.

Tricia said...

You are such a wonderful mom Paige! I love your life updates. So down to earth.

And thanks for the link to the black bean soup. I made it tonight. Delish!

Kathy said...

I think it is amazing that you don't lose your temper until 9:30! Andrew was gone all week this week and I was at my wits end with the boys by noon! Silly, I know. So, I say props to you. You are an amazing mom! And we miss you guys. :(

Alexis said...

I just read your post beginning to end. Hang in there. When Eric is gone for a week, you're never off duty, especially if children are tag-teaming the night shift. You're doing great.

Tracie said...

You rock! 9:30?! Really? Even with a hubby home every night my melt down time begins at dinner for all the wonderful reasons we seem to share! I'm thoroughly enjoying a baby that isn't mobile because I know all too soon I'll be walking in your shoes again! Hang in there - from one sleep deprived mom to another!

Lark said...

The Night Before Xmas story is hilarious. I can't stop laughing.

You are amazing.