Monday, October 10, 2011

Toothless smile, finally

Laine's front tooth finally came out last week. It was quite a dramatic/traumatic experience and we were so glad when it was finally out. One of her friends at school told her that her tooth might come out while she was sleeping and then it would go into her lungs. Laine worried about this every night so she had trouble going to sleep. I couldn't say anything to take the worry away. Cannon even told her that one of his teeth fell out while he was sleeping and when he woke up it was just in his mouth. Eric's reassurances didn't help either. One night I finally said the right thing. I examined the tooth very carefully and then pronounced that it was not ready to fall out yet because I could still see how it was stuck to her gums in the front. She thanked me for telling her this and went to sleep without worry that night. The next bedtime she was back to worrying again because she could feel that her tooth was looser than the day before.

When Eric was home that weekend I told him that he couldn't leave again without getting Laine's tooth out. Laine was not cooperative, she was worried about how much it would hurt, but it was loose enough to be pulled out so finally Eric got his fingers on it and got it out. (Tooth pulling grosses me out and I just can't do it. I much prefer the kid wiggles it out on their own. Eric laughed at this and said something like -- you've had 5 babies and you can't pull out a tooth? -- no, I can't.) The tooth came out with a gentle tug and Laine was hysterical with a crying kind of laughter.
End of Act 1. Drama for Act 2 begins soon since the tooth next to the empty space is loose now.


mindy said...

Hallelujah for husbands who are willing to do the dirty work. Hopefully things go better next time. Maybe if the tooth fairy leaves her a bright, shiny coin she will look forward to loosing more. Good luck!

Shannon said...

Pulling teeth was always Kurt's job, too. I can't handle the blood. :) She looks very cute with her new toothless smile!

Glenn Koehm said...

Was it her first lost tooth back then? The first lost tooth is usually mixed with both excitement and dread. Did she lose all of her baby teeth by now? She's probably used to the feeling! How much did she earn from her teeth? Hehe.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Haha! My mom had 8 babies and couldn't pull their teeth. As oldest I pulled my siblings' teeth. I wonder if I'll feel the same with my own kids though.