Sunday, September 04, 2011

RIP Carl and Jim the fish

Ridge's fish both died today. These two bowl buddies lived a long time, in goldfish years they were probably 80. They even made it through the move to Utah.

I was the one who found them belly up and told the sad news to Ridge. He nodded and then burst into tears. I'm not sure why but those fish meant a lot to him. I tried to get him to leave them with a friend in Seattle which he agreed to at first but then changed his mind. He really wanted those two guys to move with us.

Eric, Cannon, Ridge, Massi and I went downstairs to help get them to the toilet tomb. The fishbowl was really stinky and when Ridge got a whiff he promptly started to dry heave. I sent him to the back door to calm down which he thought he did so he came back inside only to get the gags again and this time he couldn't keep his food down. Thankfully he made it out the door, but not before telling Eric to wait to flush the toilet because he wanted to say goodbye.

Both boys were crying when the fish were flushed and I cried with them. It was very sad even though they were just goldfish.

- via Paige's iPhone


Kim said...

Your poor kids, especially Ridge. I think it doesn't matter what pet you have, they will pretty much always mean a lot to you.

The great thing is that no matter what animal dies, there's new pets to help replace that void inside of you.

Shannon said...

I sobbed for half an hour when my hermit crabs died. Please tell Ridge I am sorry he lost his fish friends!

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