Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Cedar Hills: Utah home

"Cedar Hills was incorporated in 1977 with 31 occupied homes. At the end of 2008, the city's estimated population was 9,861. Cedar Hillls sits in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, with American Fork to the west, Highland to the west and north, and Pleasant Grove to the south. After long negotiations, Cedar Hills now has a Walmart as the beginning of their commercial part of the town.
       With a rural attitude and close proximity to Salt Lake City and Provo, Cedar Hills has a broad appeal to families and commuters."

 We're settling in to Aunt Barb's home. "Housesitting" while she's in California. It is a three-storey townhouse. We're at one end of the four homes in our little block of houses. We don't have yard space that is flat enough for the trampoline but the kids have still been happy to play outside. Massi would crawl around in the yard all day if I let him. The yard and garage, where he likes to wander and get very dirty.

We're really spoiled with our view and I'm not sure how I'm ever going to live without such beautiful scenery out my windows in the future. Out the kitchen windows, back balcony and my bedroom window we can see the expanse of the valley before us.
 From the windows at the front of the house we look out to the foothills. Cross the street and we're climbing them. Then the mountains rising up beyond are breathtaking. I often stand outside and stare at the beauty. We're very close to the entrance to American Fork canyon, access to the trailhead for hiking Mount Timpanogos.
We're situated almost at the top of our hill which makes the climb back from the bus stop pulling the wagon quite a challenge. The kids are out of breath when they reach our house after school.

Being here reminds me of our first days in Seattle when I was amazed at all the green. I remember driving down 145th, a major road and not very pretty, but when we first got there I thought it was so lovely. It was June and I was amazed by all the berry vines growing wild everywhere and the way trees lined every roadway. Going from that area to this is a big contrast and I'm enjoying the change of scenery and glad that I can appreciate the beauty of both in a way that I haven't in the past.

There's more to report, like how the boys were excited to occupy the basement room but now they are terrible sleepers. And how there isn't a library in Cedar Hills, and how there are over 1,100 kids at the elementary school, but Massi crying in his crib which these days means he is standing up, holding the bar and crying with his mouth on the bar, tears dripping down his face and slobber on his fists. So  more to come later.


Shannon said...

It does look beautiful. I loved living in Provo for the first few months of our marriage; having the mountains literally at the backdoor never lost appeal for me. And think of the snow you are going to have! You better get a sled instead of that wagon! ;)

Kim said...

What a neat looking house! I'm glad you are enjoying living there in Utah. Sounds like a great place to be.

Sally said...

I remarked to Greg that I can't believe we never got together - in 2 years - really? I feel SO bad. But maybe we will swing by when we are down there. How long do you plan to call it home and do you think you are ever headed back to the NW? I will admit I miss Wal-Mart. A lot. And lower prices. And lower sales tax. And being around LDS people. But everywhere has something good about it - and supposedly a Wal-Mart is coming soon. I am so sad I never got to meet the kids in person, but wish you the best in your new area. It is BEAUTIFUL! If we come hike Timp, we will stop in. Can't wait to hear/see more of your UT adventures.

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tom said...

sweet view indeed