Saturday, September 10, 2011

Breakfast Cookies or Breakfast Yuckies

In an effort to be more organized I listed breakfast and dinner menus in plain sight in the kitchen. I thought the kids would be excited to read "Breakfast Cookies" on the list. They were not. They were skeptical. And they should have been since this recipe came from the Sneaky Chef cookbook which I've had out on the counter recently. The idea of these and the recipe description sound better than the actual product. The main ingredient is Wheaties cereal, which I love and a few of my kids like too, but put together in cookie form they came out kind of like soggy bran muffin tops. Everyone tried one bite and then had a bowl of cereal. Except Cannon who had three bites, I think mostly for my feelings, then opted out as well. I liked mine well enough to finish it but not enough to finish the rest of the batch by myself.

While I'm writing about food and my eaters that I have to feed in my house, I'd just like to say that it annoys me when TV chefs tell me that "kids love this dish" or "have your kids help you and they'll eat the meal." My first child is thankfully growing out of his hyper-gagging and vomiting stage of life so he no longer gags at the table when I make him try at least a bite of new foods. I remember that he vomited all over the table when I made him try butternut squash soup. Just gagged everything up. And then child number two can gag down the food that doesn't appeal to him but he doesn't like things like rice and pasta that number one likes and number three lives on. And child number three would not touch bread, couldn't touch bread without shivering when she was little and first started eating food. That was a weird one. I'm not sure she'll ever eat like a normal person in her life but I had to leave that battle alone because it was making some very awful dinner-time experiences. Child number four is my best eater. Finally the one who followed the parenting books advice on feeding children that "if they see you eat it they'll want to eat it too." At least with lots of things she does. But the others? HA!

I think that next week we'll just have cereal every morning again.


Shannon said...

"if they see you eat it they'll want to eat it too." - does this person even have children? Mine are 19, 16 and 14 and this STILL doesn't work!

In my book you score an A+ : at least you are trying to be creative! :)

Andrew said...

Amen, friend! I am convinced that "Experts" either do not have children or have been blessed with good eaters to begin with. Hang in there, you are doing a great job!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Kudos! At least you tried! Some parents offer nothing but coco-trashies (vitamin-fortified of course) every morning.

Paige said...

Well I think I'm back to coco-trashies. Somehow we're all still alive.

Tracie said...

I'm also proud of you for trying something new! We all panic when there's a "milk emergency" here w/ no milk for cereal! Mine love it when I made smoothies 2x for breakfast (w/ fruit, yogurt, ice, milk, and spinach). That's about as creative as I can get on a school morning! I've got some picky eaters but not as challenging as your brew yet ;) Now that the two boys share the same lunch hour, they compare and then whine to me after school. Lovely times being a mom, eh?!

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