Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Big 9 Months

Massimo reached 9 months old today. He celebrated by splashing in the toilet and eating the crackers off the floor that he dropped during dinner the night before. He loves the toilet and now that he knows it's there, a cold puddle always in the house, it is hard to keep him away from it. I don't have a picture of that because even though it is funny, it is also really gross. This morning, Laine was running late and I was helping her get ready. We heard splashing from the girls' bathroom and of course it was Massimo, splashing in the unflushed toilet. Yuck. The bathroom door was closed but he knows that this particular door can be pushed open, even when closed (it has to be slammed to shut and latch). But since we were running late all I could do was dry him off and slather his hands with sanitizer before we ran out the door.

Massi can do the sign for "all done" and sometimes it sounds like he tries to say it. He rests his head on my shoulder every time I get him out of the crib. It is so sweet to have a cuddle baby. He is taking steps already, by far my earliest walker. We all delight in this sweet child and feel so lucky that he's part of our lives.