Monday, August 22, 2011

Special family events

 Cannon chose to be baptized and that special day was at the end of July. Both sets of grandparents, 3 cousins, Uncle Chad and Aunt Angie, and friends from church were able to join us on the gorgeous Seattle Saturday. It was a sweet occasion and we're pleased that Cannon has his own testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sommer turned 4! We celebrated her birthday a few days after arriving in Utah (which is something I have to write about still) so there were lots of cousins to help her eat cupcakes. We had a slip-and-slide party in Grandma Blaser's backyard. She got a big La La Loopsy doll from us. It was a fun evening but on the way home Sommer was talking about the Minty Pony birthday party that she was going to have the next day on her real birthday. Sigh. We finally decided that next year when she turns 5 she can have that pony party.


Shannon said...

Congratulations to Cannon on such an important day! And happy birthday to Sommer; you have a lot of exciting things happening in your life right now!
(Kelly told me about the move - anxious to hear how you are doing!)

Lauren said...

So wonderful! I love Sommer's comment about the party. Anders said the same thing about his 4th birthday, only it was about the Cars party he wanted. So funny!