Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prize day!

Today was the first day kid participants in the library summer reading program could collect prizes. There is a halfway prize and an ending prize. Ridge finished reading his 1000 minutes last week and was determined to get to the library right at opening time so he could be the first kid to turn in his paper and collect his prize, which he was. I waited in the car while he ran in and ran out. He was happy to discover that the kaleidoscope, the final prize, was better quality than he expected. The halfway prize of a cup and bookmark were received with less enthusiasm. And now the other kids are excited to earn their prizes as well.

- via Paige's iPhone


Lynne said...

Ridge looks so grown up! Such a good reader--that will always serve him well.

Bentley +1 said...

Henry is doing a "Rubber Duck" Reading Program for toddlers at our library. I love it, because it brings back memories from my summer reading library programs as a kid. Way to go, Ridge!

Shannon said...

I LOVE prizes! (A little square of Dove dark chocolate is a great motivator for getting the laundry folded...)
Congrats to Ridge!