Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ouch! I cut off my diva.

 I got a haircut a few weeks ago. I'm not fishing for compliments. It is a good haircut, Crystal knows what she is doing with hair. I had a picture of what I hoped it would look like. The problem is that I forgot that when my hair is this short it flips out at the ends. This is actually a good thing because it makes it look like I spent more time on my hair than I actually did. But it isn't what I was hoping to look like. It had been about 15 months since my last haircut and I was kind of liking long hair. And admittedly, it did make me feel a certain diva quality. JLo has long hair. Isn't she the ultimate diva? But I was/am having major post-baby hair loss and I hated finding my long hairs on Massi, all over his blankets, all over the floor. Even though I know it's my hair I still think it's gross. And it usually had spit-up in it since I most often wore it down because ponytails give me a headache and it kept me warm having it down my neck. So I chopped it and then realized, I've had this haircut so many times over the years, starting in college (but I don't have those pictures in the computer.) It kind of made me sad and I kind of feel blah about it.

Oh well. It's hair. It grows back.


Shannon said...

I am sorry you are missing your long hair, but you look SO cute with short hair! You have the petite features and beautiful eyes to totally pull it off. And, as you said, it will grow back. Think of this as your kicky i-can-walk- a-windy- beach- without- getting- tangles, throw -on -a -skirt -and -look -chic -for-dinner hair cut! ;)

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Chin length hair looks good on you, but so does the long hair—you're lucky!

I regretted doing this too after my first child. Partly because my daughter went from playing with my hair to preferring a friend who kept her hair long. Made me feel kinda bad as if she preferred my friend to me. That outgrew too though. But I'm going to continue growing my hair out just in case that happens again with the second infant.

Torrie said...

i have to say, from a hair dresser opinion, you look adorable with short hair! i think it really shows off all those cute earrings you wear, and makes you look young and hip. which is really what we all want to be!
btw~ i was looking at my long hair thinking, this is dumb, i'm only having it long because i'm afraid to have it short again, so good for you, not being afraid of change! and a big one at that!

Kristine said...

short hair is so good on you! it was a good decison to cut it off. i'm thinking of going shorter with my hair and kinda nervous. but i think it will feel fresh again.

Kathy said...

I think you look gorgeous with short or long hair! I love that flip when it's short... makes me totally jealous because it looks like a lot of work went in to get it that way. Lucky girl. :)