Friday, June 03, 2011

Heart Cookies

It was a rainy, cookie-making kind of day at the beginning of the week. Sommer wanted to make "heart cookies with pink frosting." I tried to change her mind but she wanted to make sugar cookies. I wanted to get something else done that day besides cookies but I gave in, to her delight.

She said, "but mom, you made sugar cookies with Cannon so you can make them with me!"

(On Sunday Cannon wanted to "bake something," so I helped him make sugar cookies with blue frosting.)

That got me. The kitchen was a mess, I didn't get any laundry folded, but the 3-year-old was happy.

Note to self: don't bake sugar cookies twice in one week. (unless it means happy time with happy kids. Then the mess and time is worth it.)

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Shannon said...

If your house is like my house, the kitchen will almost always be a mess... there will almost always be laundry to fold... but there won't always be 3-year-old girls to make cookies with.
You are an AWESOME mom.

Kim said...

What a sweet mom you are. Looks like Sommer had a great time making cookies and who knows, maybe she will never forget that special day.

Torrie said...

shannons right. there will always be house work, but you won't always have sommer at home all to yourself!