Friday, June 24, 2011


 Cannon turned 8 today! He had big visions for how he wanted his day to go and I think things went pretty much according to the plan in his mind. We started the day at 7am with presents from the family, though he was up earlier waiting for his clock to tick to 7. He wanted Legos and he got Legos. He spent the morning working on his sets, happy and busy. He chose Lego presents but he wanted a Ben10 themed party.

 He invited 9 boys from school and all of them came for the 4-hour party. I know. 4 hours is a long time with that many boys. (Thank goodness Eric came home from work a couple hours early to help. I could not have run this show without him!) Cannon had made a schedule for the party with plans for every 30 minutes of time. I tried to talk him down an hour but he was insistent and I didn't fight him much on it. (The kids have friend parties every year.) Cannon and I worked on games together and turned 5 regular party games into something with a Ben10 alien theme. Here the boys are shooting marshmallows at a 5-foot tall alien (drawn by Ridge and colored by Cannon). We made all the boys shirts (spray paint on white undershirts) to look like Ben. And the cake, Cannon's vision again, was shaped like the Omnitrix, Ben10's special watch.
It was a fun, crazy, happy day for this great-to-be-8 boy. Cannon has a gift for being a good friend and it was evident at his party. To me it seemed like each of these boys felt like they were Cannon's best friend. He was good at sharing and playing and showing gratitude. He loves to make everyone laugh. He plays hard and sleeps hard. What a blessing he is in our life.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to Cannon. What fun pictures. Looks like Cannon had a great birthday. He will be able to get baptized soon.

Paige said...

I should have mentioned that Kim. He'll be baptized at the end of July when some family is able to join us for the occasion. I'll post about that later.

mindy said...

Happy Birthday Cannon! What a great birthday party. And wow, 4 hours, that's amazing. He's one lucky kid.

Lynne said...

Looks like a great day for a great boy--and good weather as well! Can't wait to see you next month, Cannon! Love, Grandma

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to Cannon - this is a big year!
Paige, you get yet another mom-of-the-year award for throwing a four hour party. I've done those 8 y/o boy parties... and I was exhausted in half that time!