Friday, June 17, 2011

Brave girl

Two days ago Laine learned how to ride a two-wheeler. Yesterday she fell and smashed her face on the handlebar resulting in a gash that needed to be mended with two stitches. When I told her that she would probably need stitches she cried and cried, she was so scared. Ridge tried to reassure her that it wouldn't hurt because they would numb the wound and then "they could slice you with a knife and you wouldn't feel a thing." Those words didn't quite help, even though he meant well. He did welcome her into the stitches club when she got back from the doctor's office.

 Thankfully, Eric was on the road back to the office when I called him with the news and rather than heading south on the freeway he went north and beat me to the doctor's office. He stayed with Laine and I took Sommer and Massi home.

The day before, Massi had an appointment with an eye doctor, a recommendation by our pediatrician. Aunt Angie was going to stay with the girls and about 30 minutes before I was going to leave I got a call from the school nurse telling me that Ridge was sick with a bad stomach ache. So I picked him up and he vomited about 10 minutes later. I called Eric, twice in a row so that he would step out of the meeting he was in and pick up the phone (that's the code). He got home a little while after I left. Daddy saved the day! Again and again. What a great man. (btw -- the eye specialist said come back in 4-6 months and Massi's eyes will either grow and focus on their own or he might need baby glasses. We'll wait and see.)

And if you want to read more: Laine had a dentist appointment on the stitches day. We were about 10 minutes away from the time to leave. We had to take Ridge to school, he went at lunch because he was really weak in the morning from the day before but then he felt okay and didn't want to miss the second-to-last day of school. So I was changing Massi's diaper and Sommer was gathering the toys she was going to bring. Laine went out to ride her bike around the yard. I was in the middle of the diaper change when I heard the initial cry from Laine, the big hurt cry that comes before the holding-the-breath part that is followed by the wail. Ridge was standing by the changing table, as he often does. He ran out to see Laine then quickly ran back in to tell me she was bleeding "all over her face." I got Massi's diaper straps on then left him in Ridge's care. Laine wasn't all over bloody but it was a lot of blood. I was glad that her face wasn't punctured all the way through as I thought initially.

So I tried to call the dentist but they were on lunch break. Then I tried to call the doctor's office but they were having a special meeting until 1:30. So I took Laine to the dentist anyway, the cut was close to her mouth and I couldn't tell if she needed care inside her mouth too. They were all so kind at the office. It was our first visit to this dentist and he is in the right profession as a pediatric dentist. He looked at Laine's mouth and the injury inside wasn't very big, just scratched. He would have done those stitches but he sent us to our doctor for the cut on her face. The hygienist gave us a huge wad of gauze in a sterile packet to take with us, Laine thought that was special, and the girls got to choose stickers. Massi cried from about the diaper change time until somewhere on the road to the dentist until he fell asleep. He was hungry and tired but I didn't have time to feed him until later. Poor guy. But he quickly forgave me.

At the doctor's office Laine was so brave. When she was getting the Novocaine shots she didn't flinch or cry. The doctor was worried because she was so still and not reacting. She asked her if it hurt and Laine gave a little nod that it did but she still didn't move. Later that evening she asked me why I thought she was so brave for the stitches. I said maybe it was because "you had your daddy with you and he helped you to feel brave." She kind of agreed but then said that as she was walking into the doctor's office she said a little prayer in her heart that she wouldn't be scared and then she wasn't.

Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 18:3


Kim said...

What a crazy experience, but glad Laine is doing better. I'm sure she will get a scar, but I hope it's not too big or noticable. I love how the Lord comforts us during difficult times like these.

Shannon said...

Paige, this post made me cry. First, for you and all of that crazy - but then because of Laine's prayer, and your scripture quote.
You are SUCH a good mom!