Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Because I am far from perfect and because I too often let motherguilt get the best of me, I'm glad to have this day, to cherish my roll as a mom and smile and joy in my children. It's a wonder sometimes that they are all functioning so well, a testament to their strong spirits that were created by God. I'm grateful for a husband who tries to make the day as special as possible. I'm so happy the sun came out for a long while today. I'm thankful for my own mother who taught me so much and is my dearest friend.
(ps - We took these photos after church. Too hard to manage that before our 9:30 start. Cannon had to re-dress when we got home because he sluffs all his Sunday clothes off as soon as possible, usually the tie comes off during church. Laine got her feelings hurt on the way home and refused to take a picture with me until she could be happy again. Poor thing. She was crying, standing by the bushes near the driveway and saying "I don't want to take a picture until I can be happy." Sweet girl with drama queen tendencies. Luckily she has Cannon who can be as sensitive as well as he can tease and he had her laughing after lunch so she was happy to pose with me later.)


Shannon said...

Beautiful Momma + beautiful children! I am glad that you had a nice day.

Kim said...

You are so pretty and same with your children. I'm glad you had a great mother's day. The sun really made it such a better day.