Friday, April 01, 2011

Special hairy visitor

Murphy came to visit us today for a short while. This gorgeous Leonburger goes to church with his owner who is in another ward. Murphy is being trained to help a disabled man so he goes everywhere with her. I've talked with her a few times about the dog but last Sunday I kind of cornered her and invited myself over to learn more about having one for our family. She volunteered to come to our house when they were out and about so we could see what it is like having this massive animal in our home.

And massive he is. Murphy weighs about 145 and is not full grown yet at 3yo. Cannon was in love and by mid-visit was laying all over this lion/teddybear and Murphy didn't mind a bit.

Cannon gets a dog soon for his 8th birthday. I'm not sure we can afford this kind but I do love them. When we were first married Eric and I wanted a Newfoundland but we never got one. Then I found out that Leos don't drool. At this point with all the spit up from baby and missed toilet shots from the bigger kids maybe dog drool doesn't matter.

We're looking at shelter dogs too, trying to find the best fit for our family right now. Cannon gets the dog but he doesn't really get to choose since I know I'll be caring for the dog a lot too. Adding another family member, kind of crazy timing.

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Kim said...

How fun! I was wondering if that was Murphy. I love seeing him at church, he is so cute. Everytime I see him, it makes me want a dog.

Getting a dog would be so much fun. My family always got dogs from pounds because they have alot of different kinds. We would go as a family and help pick it out. Don't get dogs from a pet store because those dogs are usually from a puppy mill.

It's funny because my dad was commenting the other day that he misses having a dog. We use to have one before we moved here, but we got rid of him. I myself love dogs. Thankfully I have gotten to spend time with dogs through housesitting. We'll see if we ever get one.

Good luck and have fun getting a dog.

Lark said...

I guess there is never a good time to have a will be fun though!

Shannon said...

Paige... you are crazy. And the nicest mom on the planet!

Paige said...

Just keeping a promise. Cannon has wanted a dog since he was 4 and we have to go through with it since we've been telling him, "when you're 8" since then. And as far as the furniture goes there couldn't be better timing.

Sara McBride said...

Big dog=big poop.
Good luck. You are a saint and very brave!

Torrie said...

you can have my newfi, she doesn't even need a fence! she jsut wanders around and likes to come in and lay on the carpet. i'd go with a puppy, shelter dogs with little kids aren't always a good mix. labs are ALWAYS a good choice for little kids.. {if you ask me} good luck!