Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Laine: fashion and fun

 We recently re-read Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire. Laine decided that she wanted to have a club just like Fancy Nancy and Bree so she set about organizing. She made little badges on little squares of paper to tape on the tutus, like the boy scout merit badge shoulder things. (What are those called? I should know.) She planned activities to earn the badges, including an obstacle course that she and Sommer made in the backyard.
 The rain stopped long enough for the club to accomplish everything she had hoped with her friend Riley. By the time the rain picked up again they were bored and ready to play Just Dance Kids on the Wii. And since she really is a thoughtful sister, she included Sommer in the game.
Have you noticed the trend on Mormon Mommy blogs to post What-I-Wore-Wednesdays? There are lots of them right now. I'm not sure what I think about them. It doesn't really make me want to read a blog. It did make me think I should document what my 6-year-old wears because she often looks cute but zany and that's worth a photo.
This ensemble was inspired by a hand-me-down slip. When she saw it she thought it was a pretty summer dress, then a nightgown. I explained the use of slips, that they go under dresses. That night before bed she asked if she could wear the slip if it was under a t-shirt and over leggings, because then it would look like a skirt. How could I refuse that logic?  (She's showing off the monster pencil topper that she got at school that day.) Joys of being a little girl.


Tricia said...

She reminds me so much of Lindsey in these pictures. Too cute!

Shannon said...

So creative and fun! I see a vintage-fashionista in the making :)