Thursday, March 31, 2011

Idol confession

 I'm totally an American Idol junkie this season. I haven't watched it since season 1 and I didn't plan on watching this season but I tuned in one night and I was hooked. (Having a breast feeding baby keeps me sitting down more often and at this point, I'm often too tired to try to read.) I love the judges. Could I have some people to primp me like JLo? She's always so pretty. But what I love about them most is that since there is no more Simon, there is such a positive vibe throughout the show. The criticism is constructive and feels positive which lifts the mood of the entire show. Steven Tyler surprised me. I thought he'd be different but he's really likable and not as vain as I thought he'd be. And it is funny to see him shake his wavy hair around his old man neck that he's trying to hide.
And then there's this group of kids who sing so well, they're already such great performers, it is so fun to watch every week. Though I am glad I have the fast forward option because I don't love all of them.
My favorites? James, the one on the far left with the tan jacket. He has turrets syndrome but when he sings all his twitching goes away. He's a rock star singer, not my type of music but I love watching him perform.
And Pia, the brunette in the middle. She's a ballad singer. Doesn't every generation need their Celine?
Then there's that cute kid on the far right, Scotty. He has the deepest bass voice it just makes me laugh to hear this 17yo kid sing and talk with such a low tone. He sings country, not my type either, but I like his songs.

So there. I've said it.
When does Project Runway start again?