Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wee morning hours*

3am -- Massi wakes up to eat.

4am -- Ridge comes in crying to tell us he forgot he had Latin roots homework. I told him I'd wake him up 30 min earlier than usual but that wasn't ok. He does the homework then. Eric gets up to help him. Takes about 20 min.

4:30am -- Cannon hurries downstairs to tell us that "Laine threwup in her bed! She's sick for her birthday!" Poor girl. This stomach bug has jumped from kid to kid very slowly. And as I feared, Laine got it for her birthday.

The rest of the wee hours -- Massi eats again, Laine is sick again, Eric leaves for work, Laine is sick twice.

And now the day begins.

*All times approximate.

- via Paige's iPhone


mindy said...

Good luck!

kentandnellie said...

Oh, wow. That makes me tired. What a way to start the day! I hope you can somehow get a nap in, Paige. And I hope Laine feels better for her birthday.

Kim said...

Crazy morning! I hope Laine starts feeling better soon. Good luck!

Shannon said...

Not a very good start to the day! But at least you have a VERY diligent son!