Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The spits

Cannon was holding Massi last night while I was reading to him. Massi spit up on him three times. Cannon took it fine but didn't want to keep the dirty shirts on for more than a minute. (we're reading "peter and the Starcatchers" now. The 3 book set was gifted to me by Eric's sister.) So Cannon added 3 shirts to the dirty clothes pile in about 5 minutes.

Massi has become quite a spit up champ, enough to make me think I might have to eat differently. No milk? Chocolate? Broccoli? Not sure I'm up for that though.

Bought the app to blog from my phone. Maybe that will help me keep up better, at least with the blog. If only there was an app for getting laundry done.

- via Paige's iPhone


Shannon said...

Massi is so cute - and what a wonderful big brother he has! (I am sure all of his siblings are great, but it takes someone special to tolerate being spit up on 3 times.)
But I am sorry about the laundry...

mindy said...

I agree with Shannon, Massi is so cute! That bottom picture of him is so stinkin' adorable. Love it!

Can't wait to see you this weekend.

Satoko said...

Oh...Massimo is super cute!!! You guys make such beautiful kids... It's always hard when what you eating seems to cause trouble on your babies little tummy. I always get so stressed out about that. Or maybe you are eating so well and producing tons of good mama milk!

Sara said...

Massi is darling! And I might have to say, Kylee looks a tad bit like him. Must be those chubby cheeks. Can't wait to meet him next month.

Lark said...

Look at that great shirt he is wearing! I think that was the one Linds picked out - looks so cute on him.
All of my kids spit up all the time - I thought it was a Fillmore thing (they all have spit up babies) but maybe its from our side too? Either way, its no fun...but at least he's cute ;)