Saturday, January 15, 2011

Little World

 Massi's little life is getting into a routine. He sleeps best smooshed up in his car seat and was obviously used to sleeping amidst the turmoil his siblings cause because they don't wake him up.  He also doesn't get upset if I yell to one of the kids while I'm holding him.  He's used to that too.  I'm still in survival mode and as Eric said today, "these kids are ganging up on us!" I'll say it again, I don't know how pioneer women survived this kind of thing without hot showers which keep me sane, wake me up and wash away the tears these days. 
 Diaper changing station, located in his room that he shares with Ridge.  Massi hates cold wipes on his bum and having bare feet makes him get especially nervous.   
 I love my portable diaper station! Ridge made the toolbox at scouts and didn't have an immediate use for it so I asked if I could have it for diapers and such. I can just carry everything back and forth from our room, where he sleeps carseat inside pack-n-play, to his room where we do this kind of business during the day.
Here we are in my chair in the corner of my room.  A lovely little spot for reading and feeding this baby.  Come over and there's a good chance you'll find me here these days. 
 Face to face time with Dad. He isn't always this good for Eric though.  I took three kids to the library the other night and Massi woke up and screamed the entire time for his dad. 
 Laine trying to burp him but he was tickling her by scratching his little hands by her neck. 
Ridge is a great help. When Massi cries he is happy to pick him up.  Thursday I was trying to help Cannon with some homework that he was very reluctant to do.  Massi woke up, or wasn't quite asleep, and Ridge went to get him, laid him on a pillow on the floor in the living room where Ridge was working on his homework, and kept him calm until Cannon and I finished. 

We haven't ventured out very much. Massi is usually patient with the morning school run and we've only been late once and that was just by a few minutes and it wasn't his fault. 

That's what's going on in our little world these days. 


Tricia said...

That portable diaper station is the BEST! I love it. Massimo looks absolutely adorable and I can tell your kids love having him around.

Ingrid said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my. You will have to tell me any secrets you figure out about survival. Your kids are so darling, by the way. Their cute faces, and their personalities. Oh, they are so lucky to have YOU as their mom!!!

Kim said...

What cute pictures! Massimo is so adorable.

I know I don't live with you, nor have I been to your home, but it seems like everytime I see your kids at church, they are so good. Like in Sunbeams Sommer is always good and never misbehaves. I haven't had to tell her to be quiet or anything else. Both you and Eric are doing a great job raising your kids. I would love to know your secrets if you feel like sharing them.

Heidi Davies said...

You're making me really baby hungry.

Shannon said...

Bless you and your family, Paige. Some day all of your kiddos will be off on their own and you will be visiting your summer home in Italy (paid for with the profits from your book!)
Ridge is an awesome big brother... and I, too, love the portable diaper station - you could sell them on etsy!

Lark said...

So cute. Love the pictures. Hope you survive the week...

Torrie said...

ummmm shoot...
i'll have to say i ditto heidi's comment...
glad the tool box is so handy!

Lauren said...

What a wonderful world you have!!

Jen said...

I'm thinking our little guy will be used to my yelling as well!! Seeing your kids interact with baby Massimo makes me feel more at ease about welcoming baby #5. GRAZIE!!

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