Tuesday, December 07, 2010

tree farm 2010

Front of the ferry, playing in the wind. 

Look at the size of that basketball!

3 of ours and one of theirs. Jackets off because they were playing hide-and-seek and got hot since it was 45 degrees outside.

The perfect tree, for this year. 
Saturday was a gorgeous day to be alive in Seattle.  We took the ferry across the water to our favorite Christmas tree farm.  The sky was bright blue and clear allowing a view of the snow-capped Olympic mountains.  Eric invited a friend from work and his family to join us on our tree adventure this year. Aunt Angie came with us as well, making it even more fun. 

The kids enjoyed several rounds of hide-and-seek except for Sommer who was very concerned with finding a tree.  She seemed worried that we weren't choosing one immediately, after all, trees were all over the place to choose from and each one seemed right to her.  But we had to make the trip across the Sound worth it so we tromped most of the farm, searching for the right tree.  We tromped a little too long reducing poor Sommer to tears.  But we found a great tree, got to enjoy the sunshine, meet new friends and take a ferry boat ride.  Happy day. 


Shannon said...

Paige, you are the cutest prego person ever! I have to admit, I am feeling envious. I can't think of a single picture of me that I would dare post after, oh - two months along. You lucky girl!

The tree farm sounds spectacular, too. :)

Kathi said...

So, how fun is that? Going on a ferry to get your Christmas tree? That sure beats the old parking lots I remember going to in Upland or Montclair! And what a husband to bring that diddy all the way home, on a boat even! And I agree with Shannon, your lovely. Can't wait to see pics of your little M.

Kim said...

What a great looking Christmas tree farm and what fun going on a ferry ride. I have never heard of anyone doing that before. I bet it's sure worth it.

I love the tree you guys picked!

Beka's Blog said...

Which farm do you guys frequent? We live by several...just wondering how close you were to my house!

You look amazing! Anytime now?