Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A few weeks ago my friend Kelly hosted a baby shower for me.  It was lovely, as is everything that Kelly touches.  And I felt very loved and very grateful for friends who came to help welcome Massimo to our family.  We ate delicious treats and drank eggnog floats.  The game was all about me and everyone learned much more than they needed to know about my previous pregnancies and life as a mom.  I got to tell a lot of stories.  I'm sorry to say that I forgot my camera. 

And here's the emotional pregnant woman story for this post. 

A few months ago Eric asked me who was doing my baby shower.  I started to cry and said no one because this is a 5th baby and I felt bad about having friends give me presents when technically we shouldn't need anything for this child.  Also because of the time of year.  I hated asking people to give to me when there are charities to give to, let alone all the family members to buy for.  Also, because I feel like I'll never be able to reciprocate the kindnesses given me by my friends.  I know this isn't true, someday I'll have a brain and time to think again and be a good friend again, but right now I'm not really a good friend.  And my friends have done so much for me when I've had other babies, I felt bad asking for more.  I couldn't think about it without crying.  Eric tried to convince me otherwise but I couldn't shake that feeling and he stopped asking.  Then a month ago Kelly texted me and asked if she could host a shower for me.  I immediately started bawling and spent most of the day in tears.  Because even though I felt bad, Massimo really did need a baby shower.  I had put off buying things for him and at the time had 1 pj, a santa hat and 5 onesies in newborn/0-3m size.  The boy clothes had been given away long ago.  Now Massimo has a lot of things to wear on his tiny body, a new baby bathtub and lots of diapers and wipes to start us off.  What a blessing to have kind friends. 

And what a blessing to have a 5th baby. 


Shannon said...

Every baby needs a shower! Bless Kelly for giving you stories to tell Massimo. I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you!

Kim said...

I am so glad that you were thrown a babyshower. When you need something really badly, Heavenly Father is looking after you.

Thanks for inviting me to the shower. It feels good to be thought about.

kelly said...

oh paige, YOU are a blessing!
and it really was the PERFECT time of year to celebrate a birth of a baby. especially for a sweet friend and mother like you!