Saturday, December 18, 2010

Piano recital footage

Friday night the kids had their piano recital.  This post is for the Grandparents, or those of you who want to remember how it felt to have butterflies in your stomach waiting for your turn to perform. (We should get a better camera... )
Girls dressed up for the recital.  I pulled out the waving iron to make fancy hair.  The boys reluctantly put on nice shirts and ties. 
(This angle makes the Christmas tree look tiny.)


Kim said...

Great recitals! I had no idea Ridge, Cannon, and Laine could play the piano. They all did a great job on their pieces. Who knows, maybe one or all of them will become professionals.

I took piano lessons for about 6-7 years and I hated playing in recitals. I am not a person who likes to perform or do anything in front of other people.

I hear you on the new camera. Someday I want to have a nice digital SLR camera that takes great videos and pictures.

Lynne said...

Great to listen to everyone, Paige. The kids are doing very well--keep at it and one day they will thank you! Tell them Grandma is proud of them!