Saturday, December 18, 2010

Once again, downtown Christmas adventure

Fun times again on our now very familiar downtown trek during the holidays.  Highlight for the kids was probably that they got two rides this year -- one on the holiday carousel and another at the deserted funpark that sits next to the monorail.  Laine, Ridge and Sommer chose to ride the roller coaster.  Cannon and Eric rode the Tornado.  Sommer wasn't tall enough but Ridge was tall enough to accompany her which made her so happy. 

When we were waiting for the monorail to come take us back to the Seattle Center a man commented to me, "and you thought one was hard.  Try three!"  He was a grandfather, pushing two empty strollers.  His wife was feeding a bottle to the baby grandchild.  I laughed and pointed to my stomach and said, "this is our 5th!"  Which made him chuckle and shake his head and say something like "well God bless you."  I know He will.  We'll need it. 


Kim said...

What fun pictures! I'm glad you guys had a great time at the fun park. I have never been there nor have I ridden on a monorail before either. I might just have to that sometime, although I am not a big amusement park ride person.

Shannon said...

We just made the trek downtown last night. I was never brave enough to take my kids when they were little, though... what fun memories.

- and what a sweet story :)