Sunday, December 26, 2010

Funniest Christmas Morning Moment

Sommer has lately perfected her pout.  It is pretty cute and gets Eric every time she uses it on him but I've seen it too much over the last few weeks so I know not to fall for it anymore. 

It was Sommer's turn to open a present, a gift from Laine and Ridge.  Sommer opened it and could not figure out what it was and thought it was a trick kind of present.  She immediately put on her pout and asked, "what is it?"  She could not see, even after we told her, that it was a stuffed animal fish.  That man-hand would be mine, trying to show her how the fish can swim.  Ridge had won it in one of those claw machine games at ToysRUs.  It was a "play-til-you-win" game and he was exicted that he got to win an extra gift for Sommer and Cannon.  He's old enough that he thought Sommer's reaction was hilarious. And that's Laine trying to explain to Sommer how the fish can be part of their imaginary play.  (Laine is a wonderful peacemaker.)

 I put away Christmas today. The fish went in with Sommer's ornaments so we can remember this funny story every year.  (Not a good Sunday activity --  putting everything away.  But with my mom coming into town tomorrow and this baby coming on Tuesday, thanks to the help of the dr, I wanted to have the Christmas things away so there's space to bring a baby home.) 
 In every other way, Sommer was a delight to give to this year.  She exclaimed with every present, "This is just what I always wanted!"  Her favorite gift is a Rudolph plush toy that she's been asking for since early November. 
And the aftermath.  Sommer fell asleep in that position three times this past week.  Ridge happily playing his new Donkey Kong Wii game and Laine doing some beading.  Cannon and Eric were upstairs working on a Lego Bionicle set.
Just have to add, since this has turned into a Sommer post, that she can't produce a BM unless she is in this position, thus she is not fully potty-trained.  I tried to get her completely potty trained over the fall but then gave up.  I'll fight her about it again in a couple more months.  For now, we'll just let "child's pose" work for her.   


Alexis said...

Paige, you are really nesting if you have Christmas cleaned up already AND posted about Christmas on your blog all by the 26th! I was just checking in to see about the baby!

Lauren said...

Love the pout and the aftermath pics! Your family is so great! I can't wait to meet the next little Blaser! Good luck on Tuesday!

Heidi Davies said...

This may sound silly, but thank you for posting about Sommer's BM situation. Athen can only poop while standing, and thus is not fully potty trained either. I'm glad to know he's not the only 3 year old hold-out in the potty situation.

Hope Mossimo's arrival is smooth and unventful.

ME said...

Ok, that post made me giggle. What a perfect pout...

Come on out Mossimo! Come out gracefully and full of love, just like your Mom.

Love you Paige.

Kim said...

Paige, you are such a trooper. I don't think I have ever heard of or seen a pregnant women all organized or keeping the house clean. I would probably be lazy if I were pregnant.

I can't wait to see pictures of the baby. I bet Massimo will be so cute. Good luck with the birth.

Great post! It made me laugh. Sommer is so cute and I can't believe she will be a Sunbeam next Sunday.

Shannon said...

Thinking of you today...
thanks for sharing the magic of little kid Christmas :)

kelly said...

by this time tomorrow you'll be holding sweet little massimo!
prayers for a smooth delivery friend!