Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Flower Power!

The K-2 musical/dance performance of the year was last night.  Laine and Cannon were in the program together this year, singing and dancing to all your favorites from the '60s, though Laine's grade danced the Twist and isn't that earlier in time?  Laine loved the spotlight.  Cannon was excited when we got there then turned shy when he actually performed with his class.  They both have really great singing voices and musical memory for songs.  Cannon was really happy to introduce his two little sisters to all his friends he could find before the performance.  They both wore their "costumes" to school today. 

Little side note.... This is our 5th year in a row going to one of these performances.  They are always in the high school gym to accommodate all the families  who come to watch.  Here's the thing, the bleachers are horrible to navigate.  There is no aisle anywhere so if you get there a bit later than everyone else, or right on time when your kids are supposed to be there, then it is nearly impossible to get seating.  Of course the front rows fill up first and people ignore you when you are standing in front of them, trying to find an empty spot to clambor up to the rows in the back that are empty.  At the next PTA meeting (I'm still secretary) I'm going to suggest that they tape off an aisle down the middle to make it easier for everyone to find a seat.  It really is a ridiculous situation.  Though the high school is being remodeled and rebuilt in the near future.  Maybe the gym will be torn down by next fall. 


Shannon said...

You are PTA secretary? With 4 (almost 5) kids? Paige, you are seriously going to be translated one day soon!

The kids look great, and like they had a fun time.

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