Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Blaser Buffet

Sunday afternoon the girls were playing "bakery" and the game turned into a full-scale restaurant owned and managed by all the kids.  They made a menu, server name tags, set up the restaurant floor in the girls' bedroom, roped off Cannon's room for employees only and had the food prep area in the eaves.  Ridge took our orders and Cannon and Laine were the servers.  Chad and Angie were invited too and we all enjoyed a different kind of Sunday dinner. 

Eric was so happy with his service that he tipped each of the kids $2 -- much to their surprise.  Sommer was so happy with the evening that she vomited all over as we were finishing our food.  Too much hot chocolate.  The "staff" helped to clean up, Eric cleaned the vomit, and I finished the cleaning on Monday.  The Blaser Buffet was fun but we'll limit our visits to this fine establishment to maybe just twice a year.


Kim said...

How much fun! I remember doing restaurant or store when I was kid, but I don't think they ever got this big. I'm glad you guys had a funfilled Sunday and how nice to get $2. They would go great with a piggy bank.

Shannon said...

That sounds totally fun! Well, all but the vomiting part, ha.

Lark said...

Funny...good times. I like how they roped off an employee area - creative kids.