Thursday, November 18, 2010

things I didn't post last month

Just posting a few photos from when my computer was out of commission.

Sommer found a marble and exclaimed to me, "there's a tiny banana inside this ball!"

I took Cannon to football practice and left the girls with Ridge, leaving them alone for about 40 minutes. Normally they would have watched TV or watched Ridge play Mario. This time the girls discovered the bag of shredded paper I'd left in my room. (In trying to get organized I've been going through files and shredding old bills and such.) Too tempting to resist, I can only imagine the fun they had making snow showers all over our bedroom. Ridge said he tried to stop them but I'm pretty sure he also had some fun with it.
Eric actually got home a bit earlier than usual that day and found the mess first, giving me a chance to laugh at the mess instead of get angry about it. We found shredded paper bits all over the house for weeks.

Ridge turned 10 in October! He did get a big ticket item -- an ipod, but he also wanted a lot of books, lists that I gave the grandparents and they came through with all of them! This photo shows his reaction to opening a book that he'd hoped to recieve by one of his favorite authors.

And before everything in our yard turned soggy, the boys discovered they could sit on top of the hedges when they were trying to retrieve a football. Uncle Chad was outside and helped the girls hop up and then they requested a photo. I suppose so they could remember that sometimes it is sunny and dry here. I've already forgotten that.


Shannon said...

"there's a tiny banana inside this ball" - haha, that made my night! And the shredded paper is very funny... since it wasn't at my house. ;)

Kim said...

What fun pictures! "there's a tiny banana inside this ball" LOL! I love the little things kids will say.

Sitting up on the hedge, how fun. That picture will definitely be something they will look back on.