Monday, November 08, 2010

Sometimes we break things

We were coloring around the dining table for our Family Night lesson and suddenly, Crack! The glass top splintered. Thankfully no one was hurt. Everyone blamed Sommer because she stood on her chair and leaned forward to grab a different pastel to color with and that's when it happened. Ridge tried to reassure her that it was okay, that he had broken a lot of glass things in his life.

Like the living room window a few weeks before. He and Cannon were messing around while I was trying to help Laine get ready for school. We heard an awful crash and I came running down to find a broken window and scared boy. Since it was right before school I didn't have time to take care of it, just put up an old board and left it for later. Again, thankfully no one was hurt. Ridge tripped over his backpack, falling into the window with his back, but he didn't fall through, the panes stopped him. He needed some reassuring that dad wasn't going to kill him, that we knew it was an accident and we're glad he wasn't hurt. (He broke another window a few years ago.)

I'm sure there are lots more broken things in our future.


Kim said...

Sorry your table broke, but that means getting a new one.

Lark said...

Ah man! I'm sorry.

I remember us breaking things all the time when we were growing up.

Lynne said...

I think it's great that your table broke because you really do need a new one. I'm glad no one was hurt, but I say go shopping, Paige! Tell Ridge to ask Uncle Chad about the time he broke the family room window on the patio. Or Uncle Todd about the time he broke the window in Grandpa's car--so it goes!

Shannon said...

Glad to hear nobody was hurt! You guys must be seriously aggressive colorers. ;)

shanonsmiles said...

Our glass top table was replaced at least 4 times in the years that you were all home.