Friday, November 26, 2010

not-what-we-planned Thanksgiving


The night before Thanksgiving our plans for the weekend changed.  We were getting ready to head over the mountain to Spokane to stay with Eric's cousin and family but the weather made it too much to travel over the mountain pass.  Our van wasn't the best vehicle to navigate snowy roads, even with Eric's master driving skills (and that isn't a sarcastic remark). The kids were very disappointed, they enjoyed our trip last year so much.  Laine wept and it took a long time to console her.  We had a fireplace fire and roasted marshmellows and talked about the fun we'd have anyway. 

Thanksgiving morning brought a fresh coat of snow to our yard.  Everyone played for a long time, except me and Sommer.  I took a long shower and Sommer watched a show then joined in the snow fun for a short bit. 
After snow play we headed off to see Tangled, which everyone enjoyed.   I love this new princess.  Maybe because she seems to be a mix of all of the best qualities of all the princesses before.  Fun show. 

Sommer showing off her messy chocolate shirt, fingers and face. 

 And what do you do for Thanksgiving dinner you bought appetizers and drinks for 22 people and none of the other feasting foods?  You head out to Old Country Buffet to dine with 300 other souls with no better place to go for the holiday.  Sure made it easy-peasy for me with no clean-up involved.  And everyone got to choose their own dinner, and eat double desserts.  Happiness all around.  Had I not been 8 months pregnant I probably would have gone out to the grocery store and bought things to make our own holiday feast, but by that time of day I was too tired for that kind of effort, in body and mind. 

As we were eating our gourmet buffet food, Eric said to me, "let's not do this again."  I'd have to agree.  Though the turkey was actually very moist. 

And here's a very unflattering picture to prove I was there too, and that yes indeed, I have gained 30+ pounds -- and I have a month to go.


Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Ah, bless you! I would have done the same thing in your place. I haven't got it in me while prego to cook like that on such short notice. Looks like the kids had a great time.
I'm glad to hear Tangled is good. I don't trust animated movies without friends' feedback.
Paige, you just can't look fat! I'm only 5'1" and 30 extra lbs. is so noticable on me. It's what I've been dreading here lately. Seriously, you're so lucky to be taller than average!

Kim said...

What a fun filled Thanksgiving even though your plans changed.

Paige, You seriously gained 30 pounds? Where? I don't see it packed anywhere on your body. I don't think you look fat at all. It's just the angle of the picture that makes you look different. I agree with Kelsey, be glad that you are taller than most people.

Satoko said...

What a great Thanksgiving! You look so adorable too! You know, you are going to get rid of every bit of weight you gain. Seriously.

Paige said...

Thanks friends. This last month is the worst. I wasn't posting to fish for comments... I do appreciate the thoughts.

Shannon said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I want to give you a standing ovation - wait, I will do it right now in my kitchen, pajama clad - for embracing spontaneity and Old Country Buffet! Too often as moms I think we feel like we have to pull off last minute miracles. It looks like your kids had a great vacation and Thanksgiving dinner (even if it wasn't the adults favorite.)
And you look beautiful! We all know you are going to be inspiring us with your running by spring and any baby weight will just slip away. :)

Kathi said...

Ditto to what Shannon said. Great job for being a 'real' Mom and choosing smiles and laughter over midnight turkey basting!
I bet it will make a great memory too!

Jen said...

You look beautiful Paige.