Wednesday, September 01, 2010

first day 2010

The boys were a bit nervous, Laine was so excited. Sommer was upset that her mommy-and-me class didn't start today. She was also upset to tears when she didn't get to wave to Laine as she was driving away on the bus. That's because Laine didn't even look at us. She was so excited to ride the bus with everyone. Cannon thought he wouldn't have any friends but he came home happy and reported that there was another boy that he knew from last year to be friends with, though he still missed his best friend who moved to a different school. Ridge reported an enthusiastic "great!" when Eric asked him about his day. He really likes his teacher, the same one as last year. And late in the day today Laine said, "thanks so much for signing me up for kindergarten mom!" Off to a good start.


Shannon said...

Love your pics - your kids have so much personality! :) Glad to hear everyone had a good day back at school.

Kim said...

What fun pictures! I'm glad your kids are enjoying school. Making friends and starting a new class can be hard sometimes. I'm just glad it's not hard for your kids.

Lark said...

Those pics of the kids are priceless.