Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coolest bikes ever

During a depressingly cold 4th of July weekend, our bright spot was renting Dutch Bikes from a local store so we could all participate in a church bike ride. Coolest bikes ever.

Can't you imagine yourself biking tiny European streets, shopping at the local markets, your child and purchases in view? I took a ride in the "basket" too. It was great fun, much better view, I imagine, than riding in the rear of the bike.

I don't own a bike presently, so we rented this one for me. It was great sitting so straight. I imagined biking those Italian streets but also I felt like the wicked witch, before she's the witch, riding away on the dusty road. (I'll get you my pretty! And your little dog too!)

Eric gave everyone rides when we got to our halfway point. Made the cloudy day not feel so depressing.



Kim said...

What fun bikes! I bet your kids had a fun time riding in the basket thing.

Paige, I like how your seat is low. I don't like riding on bikes with tall seats.

Beka's Blog said...

That is the coolest thing! I have never heard of those before! They are almost like a wheel barrow! That weekend was crazy yucky so I am happy you found a way to perk it up for your family!

Heidi Davies said...

Those are pretty cool.

Lark said...

How fun!
Its so green there...