Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Napping place

I wouldn't let Sommer have a bath at 4 in the afternoon. Why? I'm not sure my reasoning now because I sometimes let her bathe at that hour. She's been bathing a lot for fun lately. I was tired and hoping that the dinner fairy was in my kitchen figuring out dinner plans for me. Sommer wouldn't give up on the bath and cried herself to sleep on my lap. I look like I needed a nap too.


Kim said...

I like taking showers around that time because I guess I am lazy. It's nice because I have my own bathroom so I don't have to share.

I don't like taking naps unless I absolutely need to. Like last Sunday I had a horrible headache. I ended up pushing my laptop back and slept there on the desk, with my head on my arms. I felt so much better afterwards. If I go and sleep on my bed, I end up napping for too long and then I can't fall asleep at night.

Kathy said...

Such a priceless picture. The boys "play" in the tub at least once every afternoon, sometimes more, whenever they come in from the mud pit.

Lynne said...

Did you close your eyes for minute, too, Paige? I'm most excited to see a new couch that you are sitting on--when did you get that? It looks nice and comfortable! Hugs to both of you!

kelly said...

darling girl.
who took the picture?

Paige said...

The couch is new to us. Someone Eric was working for was getting rid of it but they lived too far away to post it on Craigs list and they were going to trash it. He put it in his truck and brought it home. It does look a lot nicer than the green one.

And I think I had Cannon grab the camera and take the picture. They're always excited when I tell them to use the camera.

Sally said...

Wow- that looks like Katie and me earlier this morning :). She is getting so big!

Shannon said...

If you ever find that dinner fairy, send her my way. :)

ME said...

Great photo. Makes me want a nap too...and a bath. :)

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