Monday, June 14, 2010


We "raced" for Rett Syndrome research this weekend. Lauren put together a 5k run/walk fundraiser for research for these special girls with Rett's, and it was a great success. Lauren even let us invite ourselves to stay for the night on Friday night, which my kids were delighted about because they love the Cramer home, even though there was so much work to do on Saturday.

I was able to help out in the morning and Lauren had organized everything so well that the event went off without any complications. The crowd was filled with very positive people. I'm sure that the race will continue to grow and be a great fundraiser in the years to come. Great work Lauren and Adam!

The Blaser family took last place. The first time in my life I think. (Should I worry that no one seemed bothered by this but me?) The girls lost steam right away (they were up much too late the night before) and the boys thought the halfway point was much too far away. It took us an hour to walk the 3.1 miles. One hour and two minutes actually. Slow as snails. But we can only improve, right? And I'm so glad we were able to participate. It was a great event on a gorgeous day.


Lark said...

I am laughing that you were the only one who cared that you guys were in last place. No worries, they'll learn that that's JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH! jk.
Looks like a great weekend and perfect weather.
Love the fun new blog look. I better get on my boring one.

Torrie said...

love the new blog!
sorry i missed the race... it looks like such a wonderful day! for such a great little girl!
way to go balsers and cramers!
{i'll have to plan on going next year}

Kim said...

I love the new look you have for your blog.

Glad you guys were able to participate in something fun. What nice weather it was this last weekend.

joven said...

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Tricia said...

It looked like a nice weekend to be out and about!
I like the new look.

Shannon said...

I, too, like the new blog! And I am impressed that you were able to get the crew done as fast as you did... when my kids were your kids ages, it would have taken us twice as long because we would have had to stop to find a bathroom, stopped to drink water, stopped to find garbage cans for snacks that had to be consumed, stopped to break up a wrestling match between the boys... you get the idea. As always, you are an inspiration!

Bentley said...

Okay, that's funny. I'm sure you can beat last place next year! :)

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Eric runs?