Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First week of summer

During the first week of summer we were pretty busy. Laine and Cannon were enrolled in swim lessons during different half-hour sessions. Sommer was terribly disappointed not to participate.

Ridge and Cannon both had to "endure" the torture of basketball camp. Ridge's camp lasted for 3.5 hours in the morning and Cannon's went for just an hour in the afternoon. They both hated every minute of it, at least that's what they said. Ridge did have a hard time the first few days as the age range was 9-13 and most of the kids had played quite a bit while his experience was limited to one season when he was in 1st grade. But he suffered through but didn't fail to ask me every morning if he could skip. Cannon followed Ridge's example and protested when it was time for him to go but he had a few friends enrolled and seemed to have fun.
So I'd drop Ridge off, have a bit of time at home, get snacks for the girls and a lunch for Cannon ready, head to the pool, take everyone to get Ridge and then wait for a half hour until it was time for Cannon to start his bball camp time. By the time the girls and Ridge had lunch it was time to pick up Cannon. So around 2pm everyone would be home and happy to be there.

Then over the weekend Ridge's friend stayed with us so that made it even more exciting around here (note the Care Bear taped to the front door -- mischief Ridge and his friend conjured up that threw Laine into the biggest fit). Add in a birthday, baseball game, playdate for Laine, and it was a busy, fun week.

Contrast that to this week. No camp, no birthday, no playdates. All the kids are in swim lessons during the same half hour and that is the only planned part of our day. I thought everyone would enjoy time to just be free but by the afternoon on Monday the boys were so bored they said that they'd rather be in school. What? It's that boring around here?


Shannon said...

Paige, I was laughing out loud reading this post! I remember - all too well - how tortured my kids thought they were when they had to go to summer sports camps that we "splurged" on! When my kids complain about being bored, I tell them we can have a cleaning party. That usually puts an end to the complaints...

Torrie said...

I do what shannon does, tell them we will all spend the day cleaning, and then they quickly find things to do.
kids never have any appreciation for all that we do for them.
hope second week of summer goes well!{just think- 6 to go:)}