Friday, June 18, 2010

first day/last day of school pics

Last day of school! Hooray! Hooray! Or maybe we should say Arrgh matey since it looks like two of them are pirates.
Who wasn't happy?

Laine. She woke up and was just a crying mess. She couldn't pull it together until we were at the bus stop, waiting in the car, and we watched little neighbor lady with a heavy Asian accent start handing out treats to all the waiting kids. She was sharing wafer cookies. Cannon came to the car and shared one with Laine. I got out of the car to see what she was talking to the kids about. She was telling them that she'll pray to Buddah for them, taking down their names. I did think it was weird and worried for a second but then she handed me her Buddah pass-along card and I realized that I recognized her from the post office. She works there. Wait. Maybe that should make me more worried.

Laine was happy enough by preschool time and had a great last day of school.

Growing like they should.


Lynne said...

Finally the last day of school--such a great family you all are! I love your haircut, Laine--what a beauty! I can't wait to see you all this summer! Love, Grandma

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I don't think Buddists are known for violence but mix that with postal workers and well...anything could happen. Funny though! Sad that we have to be scared of those who share treats with children huh?
I love knowing that your cute house is bright blue with a red door--love it!

Kim said...

What a neat looking family you have. I hope that now school is over, your kids don't drive you nuts. If so, have some alone time.

kelly said...

is that your front door? i love the bright red. AMAZING!

Shannon said...

You should have handed her a pass along card and told her you would put her name on the temple prayer roll. :) Happy Summer!